TMI Tuesday June 4, 2019

I read these every week, but I rarely get the chance to participate.

Today I can…

1. When you post on your blog, what is your main goal?

To share my thoughts with anyone who has an interest to read them.

2. What are some questions your blog readers should be asking you but they are not?

Who are you and where did you ever get the idea you should write a blog???

3. What is a great blog post that you have read lately (leave a link in your TMI post)?

4. How long have you been blogging?

About 15 years on various different sites and blogs.

5. Considering your current blog, what are the top two most popular posts you have written? (post links to each in your TMI post).

My blog here is still pretty new, so I don’t have a lot of followers yet, and not many readers. I hope in time that changes. So this is just about the only one that got much notice.

6 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday June 4, 2019

  1. I don’t know. I’m still learning how WordPress works, in the past my blogs have been on other sites. I try to find out why that isn’t working.


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