Good, Bad and Change

“My thing is the best. Your thing is the worst.” “Moreover, if you do not love my thing in the same way, to the same degree, and for exactly the same reasons that I do, you are doing it wrong.”
I am seeing this attitude more and more all the time. I am a member of many esoteric-type sites and forums, for people who are usually a minority, but many of those people there still have this attitude. Life changes fast. In fact, an old saying is “the only constant is change”. I hear a lot of people say, “I haven’t changed, everyone around me has changed”. But all you have to do is look at photos from when you were a child, you can see you have clearly changed. Even your beliefs and attitudes have changed over the years even if you haven’t recognized it has.
I understand the basis of why people favor the things they like and reject the ones they don’t. It all has to do with our personal comfort zones, with “this is the way we’ve always done it” and “this is the way I am”. It’s easier to stay in that comfort zone with the things we understand than it is to extend our reach to learn about other people and different things. Doing so might make us question our beliefs and that is not comfortable. So we ask, beg and demand that others follow our thing and reject their own, without regard of the fact that it might not be right for them. If it’s not right for us, it’s not right for anyone. Or if it’s right for us, it must be right for everyone. “If everyone would just abide by our own beliefs, the world would be alright.” But it doesn’t work that way. Forcing people to believe what you do doesn’t create a world of authentic people, it creates a lot of frustrated, depressed and angry people. It seems, to me at least, that the words “compromise”, “communication” and “consideration” are words that are rarely used anymore. Everyone needs to select one side or another. Seeing both sides of a question never seems to be an option. At this day and age, when information is right at our fingertips, it’s a shame that we don’t educate ourselves more than we do. It looks like people know more about the Kardashan’s than they do about the people who actually live around them. They judge others based on the opinions of someone else. Is it any surprise that there is so much hate and violence in the world? It can change, but it starts with us. We can’t expect others to “fix” the problem. We are all part of the problem. We all can make a difference.

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