Change (Every Day in June)

I like to think that I’m fairly well informed and up to date on things, and that I’m pretty adaptable to change.

I just learned that may not be the case. 

One of my forms of entertainment is playing various games on Facebook. I had noticed that over the past two years, a lot of my favorite games have either stopped supporting the game or just closed it out completely. Today I learned way. 

Adobe is phasing out the flash player that so many games depend on, by mid 2020 at the earliest. This was announced 2 years ago and I just now learned about it.

None of the games I play have mentioned this, except for one and they announced a brand new version of their game on a new platform which will start the first of July.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. This is a very creative game that I’ve devoted a lot of time and some cold hard cash because I feel it’s important to support the games I play. While some of the old game will be transferred to the new platform, most of it will not.

I’m already grieving that what I created will soon be gone. That happened 10 years ago when a similar game just pulled the plug suddenly and without any notice.

I know nothing is forever. I just had hoped this would have lasted a little longer. I realize this isn’t the game companies fault and I totally understand why Abobe is getting rid of flash… as good as it was, it also has had a lot of problems.

It’s the unknown that I have the most problems with. And in regards to games and flash, it’s not knowing what will happen with the games, as well how will this affect things like You Tube and streaming music, although I suspect they have the already covered. 

Change. Not my favorite topic.

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