If I was a flower, I’d be a…

If I was a flower, I’d be a…


Describe what you would look like.

What would you do all day?

What would your name be?

What would your purpose in life be?

I am a carnation, all white with pink along the edges… pure and simple with just a touch of power and anger. Spicy scent of clove and cinnamon that takes people by surprise. My name is Dianna and my purpose in life is to reach out to life, to help someone remember, and smile or cry, and rejoice. I will spend my days in tall plain vases full of water, or gracing the crown of someone’s curly head as a garland to celebrate spring. Mothers will use me in tribute to their own mothers, others will use me as a sign of secret love and devotion. I may not be as showy as other flowers in the garden, but I am dependable and easy to find.

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