I am one of those who feels that everything does happen “for a reason”. I’ve said this in the past. I try to not tell people who are grieving or facing a challenge this because it’s not what they want or need to hear, plus it’s a realization they need to decide for themselves.

But I do personally believe it’s true for myself. Apparently, based on a former “friend”, I didn’t have the right to think that. She called me a “Pollyanna”, that I was “too perky and too optomistic” and I “needed to stop now”…. She is no longer a friend, but this has bugged me ever since.

I do believe everything happens for a reason and each and every challenge I’ve had is an education; that every one of them I learned important lessons and gained something positive, even with the worst situation. Those are the reasons!!

I see life as an education, from the moment we take our first breath at birth until the moment we take our last breath at death. And even more than that. I believe in past lives, future lives, multiple lives and more…. so our education starts and continues even before we incarnate as human souls. And it has nothing to do with religion.. and much more with physics. We are all energy. That energy continues even after the human bodies stop working. I see this life as just one in many, like a grade in school.. what we learn here carries over to the next one.

A lot of people see life as just this, only this life. But if that’s the case, why don’t we all live to 100 years of age? Why do children die?’

Why are there so many differences of size, shape, coloring? Why don’t we all look the same? Why don’t we all believe the same? And why bother getting an education in the first place?

The answer is because we are gaining knowledge and experience in how to live in this life that will also be a basis for the next, just as previous lives were the basis for this one.

So, this is why I believe “everything happens for a reason”. If you don’t, that’s fine. But please don’t send me a private message demanding that I change my attitude because I don’t fit with your beliefs.

End of rant.

I personally don’t see a problem with being an upbeat, happy, optimistic Pollyanna.

I keep reminding myself that their attitude is more about them than it is me.

I’d rather spend this life and all of my lives seeing the good things in it. Yes, bad things happen and will and do, but we learn the most from those, as well as mistakes (something I’m am still fighting with) than we do good things and successes, which is why they happen. It’s not just random or the luck of the draw. They happen for a REASON!!!

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