Life’s Meaning and Juggling


Have you heard about the Riddle where a man has 3 boxes?

Well, the man has 3 boxes, it of them weighs 5 pounds.
He weighs 190 pounds but the bridge can only hold 200 pounds and he has to take only one trip across.

How does he do it? He juggles them…therefore holding one box each time.

Life is about juggling our choices and emotions.

The bridge, our life.
The boxes, our emotions, love, sadness, happiness, joy, grief, anger.

Life is then about us and how we juggle our emotions on this bridge. We all have choices to make and choose. Good or bad. Friends that we choose, Good or bad. Even the one we love, our lovers, or, the one who loves us, that is.

It’s always only when we see a love one crumbling away on the hospital bed that we realize what short time we have on this bridge of life. Ours might just be few steps more and then we reach our ending.

We juggle, and yes, we fail sometimes. Sometimes we focus on the wrong thing ahead of us. We focus on our goals and aspirations and sometimes forget that to juggle well, we have to focus instead on the ball and just catch that boxes as they fall and throw them up again.

We forget that we have feelings, we forget that we love, we forget that sometimes someone just want a hug, a hug that takes away pains momentarily. Sometimes, we forget that we are happy or sad and just focus on the other things that distracts us.

It is only till then that once someone is gone, and realize that we have just let someone slip past out fingers. It is only that when one sees his or her love one on their death bed, smiling and asking you to do the one thing you promised him or her just right before they die that you realize how important he or she is to you.

Yes, we juggle, we take for granted and we focus on the other things at hand instead of the one thing we are suppose to focus on, our emotions that makes us human again.

~ TV Show: Joan of Arcadia

This is when Joan’s best friend, Judith died.




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