Why Should I Pay


I had the same kind of discussions when I was working cold calls for school levies. People would say “why should I pay for someone else’s kid’s education, they aren’t my children.” No, maybe not. But they are children who will grow with either an education or none. These are the kids who will one day be someone’s, maybe your’s, doctor, lawyer, bus driver, bridge builder, architect for the building your are living in, a teacher for your great-grandchildren. They might be the pilot for the plane you are flying in, the cop who keeps the streets safe, the firefighter who comes to put out your fire or paramedic who comes to check why you are having chest pains. They might be the computer programmer who makes sure you can read your email or use your cell phone. They might be the truck driver who delivers the food so you can eat, or the chef or waiter at the restaurant you like to visit. They might be the mail person, UPS driver, and phone technician, the cable company person who installs your dish so you can get your packages, mail, phone calls and TV shows. And much more. Children are not born with knowledge.. they depend on schools, teachers, administration staff, volunteers, parents, and the community to make sure they have both the experiences and education to enable them getting the knowledge they will need to be productive adults some day. All of that takes effort, time and money. And empathy. Try to see the big picture in all of this and not just your own little world.


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