What Will You Remember


Ten years from now, what will you remember about today? The clothes that you’re wearing, or what you’re having for lunch, or the TV program you plan to watch tonight? Probably not. Is there anything about today that will be really memorable, or is it just one more in a long string of days which blur together after a week or two?

Consider that there are things you can do today which will make it a memorable one, things that, ten years from now, you’ll still be glad you did. There are people with whom you can share your time, goals you can set and begin to act upon, nagging problems that you can begin to solve, kindness that you can offer, new things to be learned, experiences which you can allow yourself to enjoy.
Will you remember today, ten years from now? Maybe, maybe not. Just imagine, though, how full your life could be if only you would attempt to make each day a memorable one.
— Ralph Marston

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