Having ADHD



Shortly after learning I might have ADD, I found an e-mail list, called ADDwomen, that seemed just right for me. We were discussing why it is so hard for us to send things by snail-mail. Off the top of my head, I wrote the following:

“Cuz first we have to find paper or a card, and of course if we need a card, we have to go to the store, but we get distracted by reading all of the cards, and we forget why we are there, so we go home, and then remember we want to mail a letter, so we start looking for paper again, and we have to find a pen (for
some reason my family hates when I write in crayon), and by then we have forgotten what we want to say, so we put the pen and paper away until inspiration hits us again, and when it does we forget were we put the paper and pen, so we decide to type it on the computer…not as personal but at least it’s getting done….

…..ANNNDDD then we get distracted by one of the kids, so we save the letter, but when we come back we can’t remember what directory we saved it to, and spend an hour looking thru all the files on our hard drive trying to find it, and give up and try to write another one, but the first one was so witty and you can’t remember exactly what you said….

…..SSSSOOOOOO, ya just write “hi, how are you, things are great here, the kids were sick….yadda, yadda, yadda”
Then you have to find an envelope and the only one you can find is the one that has the address to the power company that you couldn’t find when you had to mail the bill that was two months late….

But you use White-Out to cover up the address, so you can write the new one over it, and then you realize that you can’t remember the whole address, so you have to look for the address book…. no, not that one, that one was from 5 years ago….they’ve moved 3 times since then.

You finally find it…write in the address (with crayon cuz you can’t find the pen again), look for a stamp, and realize that you don’t have any, so you have to run down to post office.

But first you have to get the kids, get their shoes on, get their coats on, pull the bubble gum out of their hair, and then resort to cutting it out.

Pile the kids into the car, until the oldest yells that he has to go potty….
So you go back into the house, let “everyone” go potty, including the dog, except that he decides to use the side of your couch.
That done, you get back in the car, and the kids are fighting over who gets to sit in the front seat. You finally get to the post office, and the line to the counter is out the door. So you stand there with your kids, and your one letter. Letter! Where’s the letter?????

It’s back at home sitting on the bathroom counter where you left it when the kids had to go potty.

Oh, heck with it. If they want to hear from me….they had just better get e-mail!

Does that answer your question?

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