Discovery Journal


Sarah Ban Breathnach, who wrote Simple Abundance, recommends doing a discovery journal to help figure out what you love, and at the same time you have an ongoing creative project. You basically buy a large scrapbook and start cutting out pictures – it’s similar to a collage, but it really is a work in progress covering everything from flowers you love, clothing, furniture, houses, architecture – basically anything to speaks to you. Not only is it a creativeoutlet, but it helps you figure out what you really love and helps you truly visualize what you
consider beautiful. There is no rhyme or reason to it – you just start with a stack of your favorite magazines, a pair of scissors and glue – then start cutting and pasting in whatever manner you choose.

I think I have all of Saran Ban Breathnach’s books, I bought the first one in 1996 at a long gone New Age bookstore in Lynnwood. Her books, along with Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way, helped me deal with grief and trauma from so many events.

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