Facebook is either having a major glitch or they are rolling out some new big changes, although I suspect it’s the former. Last night I couldn’t see any new messages on my friend’s pages, and now I can’t get into Facebook at all to read message notifications that come in my email. Plus none of my games are working.

I even rebooted my computer to see if it was a problem on my end. All other sites work.

So, did some programmer omit one character in a line of code? Probable. Did the entire Facebook site get hacked? Possible. Solar flares? Nah, then everything would be out. Would they even tell us what happened? Unlikely.

I’ve been trying to post a message for 5 hours, but keep getting “we have a problem and we are working on it…”

It’s frustrating when my daily routine is interrupted. I can’t post my thoughts and impressions to Facebook, which is much like a journal for me. Like finally it’s warming up and we have blue skies with large puffy white billowy clouds, and soon we will be able to open the doors and air this stuffy and musty house out. They say by next week we should be in the 60’s.

And I can’t post that we are having BBQ ribs for dinner with steamed rice and blueberry muffins. These may not seem like a big deal, but in the grand scheme of world events, it’s really the little things that matter.

As I read and transcribe my great-grandfather’s journal it reminds me just how important these little tidbits of humanity are. I remember that re-reading my mother’s and my father-in-law’s letters. Things like Grandpa Jacob’s memory of losing his hat while on the ship coming to America. These days people would just say, “buy a new one”, but new hats were not available onboard ship in 1882, and even if they were, he didn’t have the money to buy a new one. Or reading about my father-in-law talking about harvesting his garden and trees and having baskets of green tomatoes and ripe apples, that he then make pies out of. Without these little pieces of information, part of the humanity of my ancestors were be forgotten.

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