Music as Therapy

Music has helped me get through a lot of things. When I was in a car accident, I had to have multiple surgeries to save my leg. I was awake during each one, so I was able to have a Walkman and headphones to listen to music while the doctor operated on my leg.

When my daughter died suddenly, music became my refuge, so many songs reminded me of her.

During three bouts with cancer, sometimes I was so tired and so ill, that all I could was lie quietly and listen to music.

And when I was enduring the agony of withdrawal from prescription drugs, music was the one lifeline that I held onto, to get through it all. When the pain and anxiety was overwhelming, I would focus on the lyrics of a song, or try to identify the different musical instruments used in the piece.

I enjoy all kinds of music, from classic rock to classical symphony, from New Age and Celtic to Country-Western, from Heavy Metal to Ethnic music like African and Asian.

Music is the one thing that is constant and it affects the entire brain, which makes is incredibly healing.

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