I remember the oddest things… mostly details like time, colors, what I wore, often dates, but I rarely remember names, phone numbers or addresses.

I made this set based on one of those memory.

The date was April 28th 1969. I wore a dress much like this and my hair up like this and I had just gotten off the bus (the Lakeview number 25) at 9:10am. I had a job interview at 9:30 at the phone company. It was already 70 degrees, a very comfortable sunny spring day. I remember walking down 3rd Avenue towards the Seneca building of the phone company and presenting myself to the guard at the door who directed me to the second floor for the interview.

I got the job and started working as a long distance telephone operator three days after graduating from high school and kept that job for 8 years before transferring to a different department.

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