I read an article by a woman who suffered a miscarriage but the Catholic hospital refused to give her a D&C as they equated that as an abortion, telling her that “God will take care of her”.

This whole issue has been bothering me for sometime. This is the kind of situation that Trump was ranting about when he said NYC passed a law saying they can “rip out and abort babies up until their due date”.

He just proved his lack of knowledge and understanding about the word “abort” and his followers and prolifers all believe him and agree.

The word “abort” simply means to “end” and in regards to pregnancy there are different definitions of what this means.

An “induced abortion” is what most people think about when they see the word “abortion”, the kind of thing that happens at abortion clinics, where viable fetuses can be removed from the womb. There are dozens of reasons why a mother or couple would elect to do this… everything from being raped to financial distress to not emotionally able to cope with a child (or another child) to severe mental or physical defects of the fetus and more. It is not an easy choice to make. I had to make it twice.

“Spontaneous abortion” is another name for miscarriage, and yes there are people out there who will blame the mother for having a miscarriage. I’ve had five miscarriages including one that has another “abortion” name…

“Missed abortion”. This is when the fetus dies and the mother carries a dead baby inside of her uterus until it spontaneous aborts or the mother has a procedure to remove the fetus and afterbirth, usually a D&C. My baby died at 14 weeks and I miscarried at 24 weeks and still needed a D&C to remove the placenta.

This is the situation that Trump, prolifers and too many conservative Christians just don’t get.

The human body is not a machine that runs like clock work and can be predicted.

From the beginning of pregnancy at conception, through gestation, pregnancy, labor and deliver, hundreds of things can and do go wrong.

Not just miscarriages, but stillborn babies and wombs that cannot clean themselves out “as God intended”. Pregnancy is about science, not religion.

Trump insists that the laws in NYC allows doctors to go in and “abort” a baby at any time, up until the due date. But that is called BIRTH, not abortion. At that point, killing a viable baby is also not abortion, it’s infanticide.

What this law is doing, is allowing doctors to go in and provide D&C procedures for women who suffer a miscarriage or missed abortion, or even stillbirth, and remove the after affects of the pregnancy that the body couldn’t remove on it’s own for one reason or another. Refusing to allow this is basically saying a woman’s life is not important and if she dies from sepsis, a totally preventable death, then oh, well.. it’s God’s Will.


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