These days there is no excuse to NOT learn something new. Education and knowledge are right at our fingertips. There are hundreds, thousands, millions of books you can access online, at libraries, at bookstores. There are online classes you can take, some for free. There are community colleges and neighborhood classes where you can take a class on just about any subject you can think of. There are webpages, and blogs, and email groups and forums online. There are magazines and newspapers from all over the world.

And yet, I’m constantly amazed at how many people who don’t take advantage of these opportunities. I’ve had people tell me they never read books anymore, because they are no longer in school and don’t have to. Those who won’t read an article or anything longer than a paragraph. Or worse, those who can’t handle anything more than a sentence or 140 character tweet.

But these are usually the first people to have an opinion on something they know nothing about and refuse to learn.

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