This Year


A bad habit I’m going to break….
Two, procrastination and cluttering
A new skill I’d like to learn… Go back to learning French, again. And maybe Japanese, again. And maybe Dutch.
A person I hope to more like… Michelle Obama
A good deed I’m going to do… send Birthday cards. And on time. And Christmas cards this year.
A place I’d like to visit… we don’t travel much anymore, disabilities are getting in the way. But I hope when we move into town we can take advantage of all of the things that our little town has to offer. Just need to get that dang wheelchair.
A book I’d like to read…. “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. I’ve already started reading it.
A letter I’m going to write… a Christmas newsletter getting everyone up to date for the past few years.
A new food I’d like to try… some British and French cuisine. Like Yorkshire pudding, Plum Pudding and Beef Wellington, and Chocolate soufflé and floating meringues, and Raclette.
I’m going to do better at… trying to be less judgmental and more understanding.

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