Accepting Gifts Gracefully


I just read on a group about a woman who told of participating in a gift exchange. She made a gift for that event and when the person selected her gift, they laughed at it, made fun of it and then ripped it apart.

Now I understand that some gift exchanges are meant to be joke gifts, but that should be stated beforehand.

The woman left that party in tears. I know how she felt as I have had similar things happen to me. People have made fun of the gifts I’ve given, never stopping to consider how that made me feel. But each time I was crushed. It didn’t matter if it was something I made or something I bought.

Making fun of people’s efforts isn’t funny. It’s rude and cruel.

Learning to accept a gift is as important as learning to give one. How you react to the gift you’ve received is a gift in itself. Try do so with grace and love.

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