The holidays are the perfect time to start getting into volunteering and giving back or paying it forward.

Helping others is good for your soul and your heart and your state of mind. It can help you to feel good about yourself and give you a sense of accomplishment.

People have asked me why they should do things like this.

Lending a hand not only helps them, but yourself as well, especially when it concerns children, since they are our future.

If you help to feed, house and educate kids, you are helping to insure not only their future, but your own as well. Remember, one day, these kids will be making the decisions for your community, town, state, country and world. Don’t you want to make sure they make the best decisions?

My last two jobs were as volunteer coordinators (CampFire and a School District) were due to doing volunteer work (CampFire, Boy Scouts, PTA/PTO at my kids schools).

Volunteering is beneficial for everyone.


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