Ready for Christmas


Christmas is one month and one day away. I am ready for it this year. Not physically… no tree yet, no presents or Christmas cards, no lights on the house.

But I am emotionally and mentally ready for it. I’m listening to Christmas music on Pandora. I’m watching Christmas decorating ideas on You Tube… so many wonderfully creative ideas that I’d love to recreate.

I have ideas for gifts for my loved one.

But mostly I’m thinking and remembering past Christmases. Of when I was a little girl and my mom and grandmother both outdid themselves to make sure three small kids had a good holiday. We didn’t have a lot, and most of our decorations were homemade, which made them even sweeter. But we always had a delicious Christmas dinner and gifts under the tree and in our stockings.

When I grew up and had my own home and family and my two children were tiny, I tried to recreate those same Christmas memories. I have hundreds of photos and videos of my kid’s Christmases. While my daughter isn’t with us anymore, I hope my son has some happy memories of his Christmases like I do of my own.

Now he is all grown up and has a home and family of his own.

I guess that’s what Christmas really is all about… family, love, sharing and memories.


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