Addicted to the Internet


Well, I am officially ready for a padded cell. Tuesday, I lost the Internet connection, so that last time I was online was Monday.
We thought it was the modem, so we got another one. Apparently Centurylink has a different definition of “overnight” than I have.. it took three days to get here. But even a new modem didn’t help.
Then we thought it was cable coming into the house, but it wasn’t that. Then we thought it was the DSL port in the harddrive, so we had to take the the whole thing to our computer guy, it wasn’t that either! It turns out it was a mix of problems, but now it’s all fixed.
Seven days without my computer reminded me of why being online is my therapy. The internet is my social life, my education, my entertainment, my work, and my creative pursuits. But it’s more than that.
I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 22. I went into remission when I was pregnant with Chris and I haven’t had much problems with it since. But lately, I’m getting flare ups, especially in my hands, which cramp up with overuse. Being able to type, rather than hand write makes a huge difference for me. Even holding a book is difficult, so I read most everything on my desktop kindle.
The past week without these options took it’s toll on my hands, back and shoulders, mostly triggered by stress. It confirmed for me that my desktop is also my physical and mental therapy.
So I’m back online, thank goodness. Now I need to get caught up. I doubt I will be able to get caught up with NaNoWriMo now.. I was able to do some writing for the first four days since I could still access my Scrivener program. But when that computer had to go to Mark, that option was gone.
Oh, well… I’ll try to plod along and see how far I can get.
I’m just very happy and relieved to be back online.
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